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Critter Clues Trivia Decks

Critter Clues Trivia Decks

Dive into the wild world of animals with our Critter Clues Trivia Decks! Perfect for family game night, classroom activities, or parties, these trivia decks offer fun and educational entertainment for all ages.


Available Editions:

  • Reptile & Amphibian Edition: Discover fascinating facts about scaly and slimy critters, from the agile gecko to the colorful poison dart frog.

  • Invertebrate & Arachnid Edition: Explore the amazing world of bees, spiders, and other incredible invertebrates that play crucial roles in our ecosystems.

  • Ocean Animals Edition: Plunge into the depths of the ocean and learn about the mysterious and mesmerizing creatures that call the sea their home.


How to Play:

  • Set Up: Shuffle the trivia cards and place them face down in the center. Decide who goes first (hint: maybe the person who last visited a zoo or can make the best animal sound!).

  • Taking Turns: On your turn, draw a card and read the fun facts out loud. Guess which animal the card describes. One guess per turn. If you guess wrong, the next player gets to guess. This continues until the animal is guessed.

  • Earning Points: Each correct guess earns one point. Place the card at the bottom of the deck or in a discard pile. The next player takes their turn.

  • Finishing the Game: Decide beforehand how long you want to play (e.g., until the deck is finished or for a set time). The player with the most points wins and is crowned the "Trivia Titan"!


Tips and Tricks:

  • Team Play: Pair up into teams for double the fun and guessing power.
  • Challenge Mode: Use only two facts to guess for an added challenge.
  • Trivia Time: After each round, share another cool fact about the animal if you know one. It’s fun and educational!


Asking for Hints: 

  • If you’re truly puzzled, you can ask for one extra hint.
  • But, there’s a twist! Instead of reading a fact, act or sound like the animal for a few seconds. No words allowed!


Have Fun, Laugh Lots, and Guess Wildly!


Enhance your knowledge and have a blast with our Critter Clues Trivia Decks. Whether you're a wildlife enthusiast or just looking for a fun way to learn, these decks are perfect for you!

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