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Introducing Our Heartfelt Creations: Reptile-Themed Stickers for a Cause

We're proud to unveil two special additions to our sticker collection, now available on our web store and Etsy site. These unique stickers are not just a nod to our love for reptiles but are deeply rooted in a cause close to our hearts—raising awareness and support for those living with chronic illnesses and invisible disabilities.

Empowerment Through Design

1. "Last Spoon" – This meticulously designed sticker features a dart frog snuggled up in a blanket and perched on a spoon. It's an acknowledgment of the days when you just need to take time for self care and don't have in you for anything else.

2. "Invisible Disabilities" – This sticker portrays a chameleon hiding in a flower. Its design serves as a metaphor for the resilience of those with chronic conditions, thriving in environments that do not generally see or understand their struggles.

Crafted With Purpose

Our latest reptile-themed stickers are more than just decorative items. They are designed with the intention to inspire, empower, and create a sense of community among those living with chronic illnesses and invisible disabilities. Each sticker is a small but mighty beacon of hope, encouraging openness, understanding, and solidarity.

Why Reptiles?

Reptiles are often misunderstood creatures, perceived differently because of their unique characteristics. This parallel draws a meaningful connection to the experiences of those with invisible disabilities—misunderstood and often overlooked. Through these stickers, we aim to celebrate the beauty in diversity and the power of seeing beyond the surface.

Join Us in Supporting a Great Cause

By choosing these stickers, you're not just personalizing your favorite items. You're also contributing to a broader conversation about chronic illnesses, invisible disabilities, and the importance of inclusivity and understanding in our communities.

Available now on our web store and Etsy site, each purchase not only supports our mission but also brings us one step closer to a more compassionate and inclusive world.

Let's Make a Difference Together

We invite you to explore our latest creations and find the perfect piece that speaks to you. Whether for yourself or as a thoughtful gift for someone navigating the challenges of chronic illness or an invisible disability, these stickers are a beautiful way to show support, spread awareness, and celebrate the strength that comes from within.

Together, let's embrace our differences, support one another, and make the world a little brighter, one sticker at a time.

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