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From Stickers to Style: Launching Exclusive Print on Demand Fashion & Home Decor!

Dear Beloved Community,

We have some electrifying news to share that marks a significant milestone for our small company. Today, we're introducing an incredible addition to our online shop: Print on Demand (POD) clothing, accessories, and home products, featuring designs from our most popular stickers and a selection of exclusive, surprise designs yet to be revealed!

A Fresh Twist on Fan Favorites

Our journey has been one of creativity, community, and shared experiences. You've your shown love for our sticker collection. Inspired by your enthusiasm, we're transitioning these some of designs into wearable art and home items. Imagine sporting your favorite sticker on a custom tee or bringing a new mug to your next meeting. This is your chance to experience our designs in a whole new way.

Introducing Exclusive, Never-Before-Seen Designs

But why stop at favorites? We will slowly be introducing a small number of surprise designs, previously hidden away in our creative vault. These exclusive creations are making their debut on our POD platform, offering you first dibs via out online shop. These designs are our little secret, soon to be shared with the world through your choices and perhaps - later - we'll make them available as stickers.

Quality, Sustainability, and Personal Touch

Embracing POD technology allows us to craft each item with precision and care, ensuring the high-quality standards you've come to expect. More than just a method, POD reflects our commitment to sustainability—producing less waste by making products on demand and focusing on exactly what you want.

With Gratitude

This new venture is a testament to the vibrant community we've built together. Your support fuels our innovation and inspires us to keep pushing boundaries. We're excited to embark on this new chapter with yous.

Explore the new collection today and join us in celebrating this expansion. Here's to new adventures, endless creativity, and the joy of making something uniquely yours!

With heartfelt thanks,


Owner, The Quirky Soul


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