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Exciting News for Young Herpetologists: A New Book on the Horizon!

We are thrilled to announce that the adventures into the diverse world of reptiles and amphibians is set to continue with a brand-new book, building upon the foundation laid by "My Cold-Blooded Friends: Your First Guide to Reptile and Amphibian Care." This upcoming book will delve deeper into the care and maintenance of these unique creatures, aimed at readers who are ready to take their knowledge to the next level.

What to Expect from the New Book

Our first book introduced young readers to the basics of reptile and amphibian care, covering fundamental topics like habitat needs, feeding routines, and general wellness, as well as covering some beginner species. The enthusiastic reception from budding herpetologists and their guardians showed us the eagerness and readiness for more advanced topics. That's exactly what our next book aims to provide!

Going Deeper into Reptile and Amphibian Care

The new book, tentatively titled "Intermediate Care for Cold-Blooded Friends," will explore intermediate care topics that are essential for anyone looking to deepen their understanding and enhance the lives of their pet reptiles and amphibians. Readers can look forward to learning about:

  • Intermediate Housing Topics: Tailored environments that mimic natural habitats to support the health and happiness of various species.

  • Healthcare and Preventive Measures: Recognizing signs of illness early and how to handle common health issues.

  • Behavioral Insights: Gaining a deeper understanding of behavior, handling, and interaction to foster a stronger bond between pet and caretaker.

  • Species-Specific Care: Detailed guides on the care requirements of more intermediate (and more popular) reptiles and amphibians not covered in the first book.

Interactive Features and Engaging Content

Just like its predecessor, "Intermediate Care for Cold-Blooded Friends" will be richly illustrated, filled with vibrant artwork that brings the content to life. Interactive elements such as DIY projects for building naturalistic and bioactive terrariums and fun facts will make learning a joyous and engaging experience.

For the Young and Young at Heart

Whether you're a young reader who has just discovered the joy of keeping reptiles or amphibians, or you're a seasoned young herpetologist ready to take your passion to the next level, this book will be an invaluable resource. It's also perfect for educators and parents who support and encourage hands-on learning about nature and science.

Stay Tuned!

We are currently in the early stages of development, with our experts and illustrators working diligently to ensure that "Intermediate Care for Cold-Blooded Friends" is both informative and fascinating. We expect to release the book later this year and cannot wait to share it with you.

Stay connected with us for updates on the book's progress, sneak peeks of the content, and exclusive pre-order opportunities! Join our community of reptile enthusiasts and prepare to expand your knowledge and care for your cold-blooded friends like never before!

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