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Pet Resources

Care Sheets

Ackie Monitor

A crash course in the basics of ackie monitor care.

Ball Python

A favorite in the reptile world for all levels of keepers, find essential care tips for your ball python here

Bearded Dragon

Essential care information to get you started with a bearded dragon.

Blue Tongue Skink


Burmese Python

For those with the knowledge, skills and means to properly care for a larger snake, find out more about the burmese python here.

Bynoe Gecko

A care guide for tiny geckos that are a lot of fun to keep.

Corn Snake

Just about everyone loves a corn snake. Get the information you need to take care of your corn snake.

Crested Gecko

The basics of Crested Gecko care.


A degu is a small rodent often kept as a pet due to its social nature, playful behavior, and unique characteristics. Find out how to care for one here.

Gargoyle Gecko

Named for the 'horn'-like growths on their head, these geckos are great little pets. Find out how to care for one here.

Hognose Snakes


Leopard Gecko

A fantastic pet gecko for all levels of keeper. Find out more about their care here.

Rosy Boa

One of the few boas native to the United States. Learn the basics of Rosy Boa care.

Sand Boa

A smaller, ground-dwelling boa with one of the derpiest faces and a great personality. Let's dive into the basics of Sand Boa care.

Savannah Monitor

One of my own favorite lizards, but one that does take some patience, here you will find the basics of getting set up for a Savannah Monitor.

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